How Can I Help?

Dear Supporter:

Thank you so much for your interest in the Davidson County Drug Court Foundation (501-(c)(3)) and visiting our website. We currently have over 100 participants that attend the off-site facility, Court Foundation Center (CFC) for their treatment counseling sessions. Each participant attends classes a minimum of three times a week. We want to continue to meet the needs of our clients to ensure that they are receiving the best recovery treatment that they deserve. In addition, most of our clients live in transitional housing and we are eager to join forces by partnering with other reputable treatment facilities.

Please feel free to support us by either having your agency partner with us, attending our fundraiser events, or simply making a monetary donation by using the link below.

Thanking you again for your support. We believe that each addict deserves treatment if they truly desire the road of recovery, and we are here to meet that need.

Thank you for your monetary donation!

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